This season the undeniably precious stone is showing up in unexpected places.

Traditionally, pearls have read elegance and chic but this season the classic stone is expanding it’s influence.

The new pearl has become effortless and cool. Reinvented in bold shapes and light-catching colors, the new pearl makes a radiant paring for every occasion.  Top designers are featuring pearls in intriguing way to bring out the eccentric side of pearls. From multilayered stands to glitzy baubles fashion’s elite are demonstrating multiple ways to wear pearls. With sizes ranging from 3mm to 16mm the pearl is the perfect complement to any outfit.

An oversized statement of opulence or a subtle symbol of grace, pearls are becoming a jewelry lovers most versatile piece.

A classic strand of shell pearls offers an instant way to refine your look, or a sure way add unexpected edge to a rocker chic ensemble. Get adventurous with your pearls and take this new trend beyond convention.

From Madison Avenue to Manhattan Beach, girls in pearls making a pretty convincing case to change our perception of the universally flattering staple.

Whether you opt for real or faux, one thing is for sure the luminescent stone never goes unnoticed and neither will you.

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March 06, 2017 — PAVOI Brand