Tiny Galaxy Studs

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Evoke a touch of 90Õs nostalgia with our collection of contemporary studs. These pieces harmoniously blend the spirit of yesteryears with modern elegance. Each design, whether it's reminiscent of the classic stick-ons or inspired by celestial beauty, is minimalistic yet impactful. Whether you wear them alone for a sleek touch or pair them with other favorites, these studs are versatile essentials for any jewelry box. As the perfect blend of fashion-forward and timeless, they're not only a treat for yourself but also an ideal gift.


  • 925 Sterling silver post
  • 14K yellow, rose, or white gold plated


  • Amor style: Width: 4.7mm (.19")
  • Bar style: Length: 7.5mm (.30")
  • Disc style: Diameter: 5mm (.2")
  • Star style: Length: 4.5mm (.18")
  • Sweetheart studs: Diameter: 5.1mm (.20")
SKU: STA10-heartW
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Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of our earring posts are made of either solid 14k gold, or sterling silver dipped in 14k gold or rhodium (depending on color). Our other jewelry is made of a variety of high-gradematerials and metals including 14k gold and sterling silver. Please see exact materials listed under each item. 

How should I store and care for my jewelry?

We recommend giving your jewelry occasional breaks from wear, and storing them in a jewelry organizer. Our suede pouches are perfect for traveling with your jewelry. To ensure a long lasting finish on your jewelry, please avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics—this includes body oils, lotions, sunscreen, or makeup. We recommend taking your jewelry off before showering, bathing, or swimming. 

Are your products sustainable?

All of our jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals. We are also 100% carbon neutral thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank.

Do you offer any type of warranty for your jewelry?

Yes. We offer a warranty on all of the jewelry purchased from our website, within 120 days, or 4 months, of purchase. The jewelry must be purchased directly from this website, and will not be eligible for warranty if purchased through a third-party site.